Commission Information

“Oklahoma” 28×40″ framed

General size and price range:

12×16” artwork framed and matted to 16×20” $1900
This size can accommodate 1-bird, 1-object, 1-book title with 2-3 books.

14×20” artwork framed and matted to 18×24” $2700
This size can accommodate 1-bird, 1-2 objects, 2-book titles with 3-4 books.

20×32” artwork framed and matted to 24×36” $7300
This size can accommodate 1-2-birds, 1-2 objects, 3+book titles with 4+ books.

26×34” artwork framed and matted to 32×40” $8500
This size can accommodate a lot . This is as large as I can go. I can get a lot on this size as long as its not too busy. I reserve the right to determine what is too much in keeping with the laws of good composition. An example of this size is my piece called “Paper Moon”.

What CAN be accommodated in a size? The size of a bird or object can vary so the outlines above can as well. My artwork is scaled to life size. You may get more or you may get less depending on what you choose.

Commissions can be a specific size chosen by the patron. All prices include frame, mat and non-glare art glass. The frame sizes listed are measured from the inside of the frame and are not the overall outside measurement. Frames range from 1.5-2.5” width. Take this into account when measuring for your space.

Upon acceptance of a prelim rough sketch 30% down payment is required. Refundable ONLY if by an act of God I am unable to complete. Artwork will be shipped within 48 hours of final 70% payment. Shipping is NOT included in the price. Personal delivery or studio pick up are possible if scheduling permits. IE if I happen to be coming through your area on my way to a show.

How to get started:
-Pick a size/ vertical or horizontal
-favorite books
I have a large collection of antiques for you to pick from. Another option is that you send me the items that you wish to be in the still-life.

Completing a piece takes 2-3 weeks. I generally don’t ask for a deposit until I am free to get started. Scheduling depends on my shows and can vary.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

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